Episode 2 – “Theres something about staring at a screen all day that didn’t give me enough of that heart to heart connection.” David Hu is a former engineer at Google, turned coach and digital nomad pursuing his big, creative dreams.

In this episode of Asians Redefining Their Success, learn how David got over his fear of “can I even do this?”, what the first instrumental step he took was that helped launch his new career in just a month, and why the career decisions we make don’t have to be the perfect ones.

We also talk about the clear signs that we get when we’ve outgrown our jobs, how people can start their new career quickly instead of waiting for years, and his advice on giving ourselves the permission to go after our dreams.

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  • There’s a difference between thinking about it and not doing anything vs. spending time on it and realizing that it wasn’t the right career for you
  • To get to my next career, I had to let go of the safety net, the stability, and the status quo
  • You can be the first one to do the creative career and say that it’s the valid path. Because at the end of the day, someone came up with it and said it was valid. And you can be that person for yourself

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