Hey you.

So you want a new career.

But you don’t want just any career.

You want one that’s the right fit for you.

A career that…

Empowers you to make an impact on the world, feel fulfilled 

and…dare I say it, one that’s actually interesting and challenges

you to grow into the person you want to become.  

A career that not only pays the bills, but aligns with the type of

life you want to live.

I felt so lost, as though all my interests went down the drain when I started working in corporate. And knowing that I’ve been working at a job for 3 years that I have no interest in is really scary. It’s easy to find a different job on LinkedIn, but much harder to find one that you’re truly interested in. Without Yunzhe, I really wouldn’t have had the push to get started on a childhood dream (that I had totally forgotten about before talking with her!).

Through her coaching, a career change feels so much easier to handle now, especially the way she broke it down through the week by week action plan. For the first time in a while, I’m so excited and can’t wait to pursue this!

Katie Z. | Career change project: from accountant to artist


Accomplishments like working at a tech company or getting a high salary are only temporary solutions to the question “What do I want to do with my life?”

And if you’re anything like my other clients, going through the motions and living for the weekends isn’t enough for you. You want more. You deserve more.

I know this, because I was once in your shoes.

Hi, I’m Yunzhe


I studied super hard in college, took competitive classes and moved mountains (and literally across the country) to land a tech job.

But after a couple of years, I felt stagnated at work and confused about what to do next because there wasn’t a set path for me anymore.

I didn’t know what else was out there…I just knew that changing button colors from blue to orange to optimize traffic was not what I was meant to do in this world.

Even though I was pretty good at my job, deep down, knew that it wasn’t what I wanted to excel at.

I didn’t quite know what my dream career was, only that this current one was not it, and everyday I was getting further away in the wrong direction.

If this sounds like you, it’s time to put yourself first, figure out what makes you feel alive, and go after that meaningful life. 


Since making the career switch, I’ve been able to:

  • Wake up excited and purposeful every. single. day.

  • Do work that feels meaningful, impactful and aligned

  • Skyrocket my confidence and master the skills I want to be known for (and get paid 2x more per hour)

  • Travel the world and inspire hundreds of people through workshops in Bali, SF, etc.

  • Create, experience and live life with no regrets

So if any part of this sounds like your dream career,

it’s time to take action and make it a reality.

I had ideas on what was next but there was nothing that would get me to change –  I either wouldn’t get started or feel motivated. When I first met Yunzhe, I knew she was a professional and someone I could trust. And after working with her, I’ve started to look at my life in a completely new way, from “Am I qualified?” to “Wow, I have something unique to offer!”. And it’s been just so much fun. I get to be creative, try different things, learn new ones. I already have a few clients, and life is filled with energy and passion.

Yunzhe’s thoughtful coaching has given me so much confidence. THANK YOU for getting me started, believing in me, and providing support and guidance along the way.

David H. | Career change: from software engineer to career coach


  • Scared that you’re going into the unknown and want a step-by-step plan laid out for you before you take the leap  

  • Nervous because you aren’t even sure what career you want to go into next

  • Worried that you don’t have what it takes to do something so unconventional (getting paid for doing what you love has always seemed to be more of a myth than reality)

  • Fear that you’ll have to start from the bottom after all that work you’ve put in and the feelings of rejection and judgment from others if the change isn’t successful

That’s why I’m here to help

I’ll effectively get you from where you are to where you want to be through the exact strategies I used to break into two different industries, fast track skills learning, and transition careers within 3 months.

This tested framework was inspired and honed by my experiences from creating a self- learning bootcamp, learning a new skill every month for a year, and mentoring students at GrowthX Academy (online career accelerator). 

This 1:1 program is designed to help you turn your fears into confidence and easefully achieve your dream career.

And I’ll be there with you every step of the way 👣.

My Signature Program

Own Your Career : 

go from stuck to purposeful



  • You are a millennial professional looking to make your first major career transition, especially into a new field, in the next 3-9 months

  • You want to feel confident in yourself, skill capabilities and the direction you’re going towards

  • You want to feel that you’re making a difference and be proud of what you do, instead of another cog in the machine

  • You have an ideal vision for yourself – a career that aligns with your strengths, values and lifestyle but you’re just not sure how to get there

  • You feel overwhelmed with all the choices and options out there and it’s keeping you from starting (you don’t know where or how to start) 

  • You need help with cutting out the noise, getting structure and focusing on effectively implementing the best practices for your career exploration and job search

  • You believe that it’s important to invest in yourself and your professional growth and happiness

  • You’re done with mindlessly browsing through job roles and passively waiting for that moment where something perfect just drops in your lap (because let’s face it, you may have to wait forever…)  

  • You’re ready to take your career into your own hands and start a journey of building a career you love

I felt really frustrated at work and thought that maybe I just didn’t have the skillset to succeed. It wasn’t until I started working with Yunzhe that I overcame my self-limiting beliefs and realized I can actually have an enjoyable career that I excelled at. Her coaching helped me stay focused and saved me from SO MUCH disorganization and disappointment. Honestly, my previous job search felt like throwing sticks at a wall in comparison.

And most importantly, she showed me that instead of starting from the bottom, I could actually get experience now through a project. I never thought that I could completely change careers in three months, or actually have people reaching out to me and asking me to work with them in my dream role even before I switched!

Kristie M. | Career change: marketing analytics to recruiter


Own Your Career is an intensive 90 day program designed to help you get clarity on what you’re actually interested in through a hands-on project and use that exact experience to confidently change careers. The one month project strategy is not only a framework that I teach exclusively to my clients, but also what will make you stand out from rest of the competition.

And no you don’t have to quit your job to do this 🙂 

Below is a sneak peak of  our time together, because I know you probably like plans as much as I do.


1. Clarity: Get unstuck + uncover your strengths
2. Plan: Create an aligned career action plan
3. Action: Gain experience through a one month project
4. Insight: Build authentic relationships with decision-makers
5. Pivot: Make the transition you’ve been dreaming of

So if you know you’re on the edge of change and want to take the leap, then get ready! Because when you invest in yourself you’ll receive:

  • A personalized in-depth career roadmap action plan tailored to your unique needs (you get to determine what goes on there!) with clear goals so that you’ll know what to do every step of the way

  • Ten 60 minute 1:1 private coaching sessions over the course of 3 months through Zoom video conferencing so that you’re well-supported with all the mentorship and coaching necessary for success 

  • Private tutorials and resources like career exploration exercises, one month project templates and networking scripts. Say goodbye to wasting time on   finding additional resources because I got you all covered! 

  • Accountability and structure for your goals with weekly reflection emails, time management tools and personal check-ins so that you won’t have to worry about falling behind (because we all know staying on track is a #strugglebus).

  • Lifetime access to our recorded sessions + coaching notes, I’ll take care of sending you everything after our calls so you can focus on being present during the coaching sessions.

  • Unlimited email and voice message support so you can get fast feedback for whenever you’re stuck…and excited emojis for whenever we celebrate a win together! 

  • Exclusive industry feedback session from an actual recruiter to look over your resume if you’re changing careers OR if you’re starting your own business, a special workshop for getting your first client

  • Pay in full bonus: FREE lifetime access to all my courses

 Your Investment


Or monthly payment plan of $900 for three months


Imagine where your life can be 12 months from now, or even 6 months from now. One of my favorite quotes is “How we spend our days is how we spend our lives”. If you finally want to create massive change in your life and own your career, I look forward to reading your application!

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