Do you feel stuck at your current job?


If you can’t see yourself doing that type of work anymore, it’s a sign that deep down, you know you are meant for something bigger and better.

If you’re also wondering “How do I find a job I love?” and “How can I make an impact in the world?”, I’ve got you friend. We’ll help you get past the feelings of overwhelm and get crystal clear on what’s next for you.

And if you still have any doubts about whether you have what it takes, I promise you that you do and landing a fulfilling career is 100% possible (or should I say, it’s not a unicorn 🦄 ;).

Hey there, I’m Yunzhe!

I’m an expert at career change, a productivity nerd when it comes to getting things done, and my obsession is teaching others how to change into a career they love. 

A huge fan of experimenting with careers (ask me about the dance one) and doing monthly projects, I firmly believe that getting actual experience is essential for figuring out what you really want to do.  

And yes, you can absolutely do this even at your current 9-5 🙂 

If you’re ever felt lost about what you’re truly interested in, overwhelmed by the whole job

search process, or paralyzed by the fear of failure…you’ve come to the right place.


People often reach out to me when they feel frustrated with their current job situation and want to change careers, but don’t know where to start.

This was the exact situation I found myself in a few years ago as a marketer in tech. So I started doing side projects (aka pivot projects) to see what career was actually a good fit for me. A year later, not only did I get clear on my interests and gained new skills, but also pinpointed my career calling – helping others change into a career they love.

As your career coach, I’ll help you figure out what you truly want to do, gain the confidence and experience you need, and switch into a fulfilling career.

And unlike other coaches, I’ll challenge you to become the fullest version of yourself. Many of my clients actually come from a traditional set path (think top tech companies like Facebook and Amazon, as well as the Big 4). And over time, they’ve lost touch with who they really are.

If you’re ready to find work that aligns with you, and looking for a career that’s more people-oriented, unconventional or creative, I’m here for you!

Here’s How I can help


Bootcamp Course

Get clear on exactly what you want to do next and start your career change NOW (even if you’re feeling so overwhelmed)!

Get Unstuck is the complete 4 week program that helps you clarify your interests, pinpoint potential careers and finally get started on your career change. Action plan workshop included. 

1:1 Coaching

Tired of doing it yourself and want to change into your dream career with a fail-proof approach? 

Go from stuck to purposeful with 1:1 coaching, where I’ll guide you step by step through the whole transition process, and turn those career dreams into reality with the most effective strategies. 

Daily Career Tips

Get daily doses of inspiration and career tips (for free!) that you can apply to your situation immediately no matter what stage of career change you are at.

Some of the topics I talk about on LinkedIn: career mindset, pivot projects, success stories and more (bonus if you are a visual learner and/or like puns!)

Freebies to KICKstart your Career Change



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Clients often say that my coaching doesn’t just help them

change careers, but also changes their lives. 



🎉 A client wanted to transition from marketing analytics to recruiting, and in less than one month, SHE was being recruited by other recruiters to work at their companies.

🎉 After feeling unfulfilled in corporate, a client pinpointed his purpose and dream career, started a business, and landed his first client in less than three weeks.

🎉 Through a pivot project, an engineer overcame her existential crisis, gained the confidence and assurance she needed to switch into a more creative career path. She also credits the program to getting her life back on track.

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