Do you feel stuck at your current job?


If you can’t see yourself doing that type of work anymore, it’s a sign that deep down, you know there’s another better career out there for you.

And if you’ve found yourself at work asking “Is this what I’m suppose to be doing with my life?“, the answer is no. You were meant to do something much more fulfilling, and this is how we can get you there.

Hey there, I’m Yunzhe!

I’m an expert at career change, a productivity nerd when it comes to getting things done, and my obsession is teaching others how to change into a career they love. 

A huge fan of experimenting with careers (ask me about the dance one) and doing monthly projects, I firmly believe that getting actual experience is essential for figuring out what you really want to do.  

And yes, you can absolutely do this even at your current 9-5 🙂 

If you’re ever felt lost about what you’re truly interested in, overwhelmed by the whole job

search process, or paralyzed by the fear of failure…you’ve come to the right place.


People often come to me when they feel frustrated with their current careers and are thinking about changing jobs, but don’t know what the first steps should be.

I’ve been in these exact shoes – only a couple of years ago, I felt so stagnant and  just living for the weekends. So I started doing side projects as a way to finally seeing what else was out there – and did that every month for a whole year.

In the process, I got super clear on my interests, gained valuable skills, and pinpointed my career calling – helping others through the same journey. Though in much less time of course 😉

Most of my clients come from big companies with stable careers (think engineering, accounting, whatever your college major was…) and I coach them to transition into a career that feels impactful and aligned with who they really want to be.

Because everyone deserves a meaningful career that they love, and life’s too short to settle for anything less.  

And I’m here to help you turn YOUR dreams into reality. 

Here’s How I can help



Get clear on exactly what you want to do next and start your career change NOW (even if you’re feeling so overwhelmed)!

Purposeful Pivot is the complete 4 week program that helps you clarify your interests, pinpoint potential careers and finally get started on your career change. Action plan workshop included. 

1:1 Coaching

Tired of doing it yourself and want to change into your dream career with a fail-proof approach? 

Go from stuck to purposeful with 1:1 coaching, where I’ll guide you step by step through the whole transition process, and turn those career dreams into reality with the most effective strategies. 

Daily Career Tips

Get daily doses of inspiration and career tips (for free!) that you can apply to your situation immediately no matter what stage of career change you are at.

Some of the topics I talk about on LinkedIn: career mindset, pivot projects, success stories and more (bonus if you are a visual learner and/or like puns!)

Freebies to jumpstart your Career Change





Before, I was sort of drifting and didn’t really have something in my life that I was excited about. I actually thought about this potential business idea as an alternative career before, but I didn’t know if I wanted to start it or even how to. While creating the action plan, it gave me hope. The framework in itself plus your feedback, my creative realization and one month focus gave me so much confidence! I have a few clients now, and it’s been amazing to feel alive every day.

David H., Software Engineer turned Programming Coach

I felt so frustrated with previous jobs and started doubting if I had the skills to be successful. I was ready for a career change, but just didn’t know what was next. Through the one month focus, I started getting clear on the roles that would be a good fit for me. I never considered making a plan before...this was so much better than throwing sticks at a wall! I’m at a dream career now and feeling much more proud and purposeful 🙂

Kristie M., Marketer turned Recruiter


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