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Break out of the 9-5                    into a



(yes, you CAN have both 😉 )




Growing up, we’re taught to study hard and get stable jobs.

Our parents meant well. They just wanted us to be successful and happy.

But chances are, if you’re here, something feels missing for you even though you’ve checked off all the boxes and achieved at the highest levels (i.e. graduated from Ivy League, worked at Fortune 500 or top startups, made 6 figures etc.)

Success Redefined: If you’re anything like my clients, there’s a part of you that you’ve neglected for far too long – whether it’s your powerful voice waiting to be expressed, a longing desire to attain financial freedom doing what you love, or a creative fire deep inside you to start something of your own.

You have permission to want these. ALL OF IT.

And if success means to you being able to design your own life and build a fulfilling career that’s creative, meaningful and impactful, then you’re in the perfect place.

Welcome home 🙂

Hey there, I’m Yunzhe 

I help Asian Americans and womxn of color gain the confidence and clarity they need to start their own thriving creative businesses.



Here’s a bit of my story: After 3 years in tech and realizing that it wasn’t my dream job after all, I quit to explore what truly fulfilled me and created a personal MBA bootcamp to accelerate my learning. 

Through this process, I was not only able to change careers in 2 months, I also got my first clients in both writing & coaching, all within a few weeks of launching my business! Fast forward to now, I’m creating 10K+ months with ease and working with incredibly  inspiring clients.  

Today, I teach new creativepreneurs how to do the same: specifically, how to get back in touch with their innate creativity, show up powerfully online, and build impactful businesses without the overwhelm and burnout.


The Dare to Create program is a 3 month program for big-hearted professionals who want to rise up to their fullest creative potential. Whether it’s starting your own coaching business, an online art shop, or location-independent interior design agency, I’ve got you.

The creative goal may be different, but the process is exactly the same. And my methodology, tested by hundreds, will teach you how to get unstuck, get moving, and turn that long-awaited idea into a sustainable business with paying clients. 

My clients often say that my coaching doesn’t just help them change careers, but also changes their lives. This program is not for the faint-hearted. We’ll also turn those people-pleasing and perfectionist tendencies into a fiery confidence with a bias towards action and self-love  :).

Ready to change your career + life?




Before I met you, I was sort of drifting and didn’t really have something in my life that I was excited about. I actually thought about this potential business idea as an alternative career to software engineering, but I had no idea how I would start, whether I was qualified or how much work it would entail. While working with you, it gave me hope. Your framework plus your feedback gave me so much confidence! I’m SO GRATEFUL and always touched by your continued support, excitement, and abundance of offerings of help. 

Thank you for inspiring this journey – I remember what led me to investing in your services was because you had a track record to help others, and you looked like you were living an awesome life. Fast forward to now, I’m also working with clients and traveling the world as a digital nomad! It’s been amazing to feel alive every day.

David H. Career Coach

Yunzhe, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. During and after our session, I felt so inspired, seen, and heard. I felt my major pain points being addressed compassionately by you. I am so grateful for our time together. 

And now I’ve completed my soul-goals, exactly as I had aimed for! This feels exhilarating and I know I am meant to stop being a “hidden gem” but instead impact and support my aligned clients!  

The reason why I signed up with you was because you showed up so consistently and authentically on LinkedIn that I knew I had to surround myself with people like you — Clear, strategic, authentic and kind. 

Elaine H. Meditation & Wellness Consultant

Yunzhe, far beyond her years or formal credentials, is able to unlock parts of me I’ve been hiding, ignoring, or not fully claiming for years. For every great and crazy, fun and purpose-driven idea I’ve had for years and years, I’ve had twofold the doubts that trumped them. 

With an hour of Yunzhe’s unrelenting empathy and honest questioning, I’ve grasped the core of where I’ve been stuck – and how to get unstuck. Unlike therapy, which I’ve also intermittently tried, Yunzhe’s method is forward-looking and completely integrative. I started to realize that all the side projects that I had started before, regardless of how purpose-filled, noble, and worthwhile, were not my core purpose; they were not leading me to my truth. 

In our discussion we weren’t just talking about my career as it fits into my life; we were talking about my life’s work. That’s why I admire so much the work that Yunzhe is doing – unchartered, bold, necessary. She doesn’t need an eight-year psychology degree to be in tune with a near-stranger, to help, to unburden, to unstick me and so many others. Thank you so much Yunzhe, for making these dreams feel possible!

 Erin B., Writer & Artist


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